Frequently asked questions

What happens after I place an order with Urban Ecohub?

  • You will receive an email/whatsapp confirmation message within few minutes
  • Then, our representatives will send you actual and detailed pictures of the plant/product from our store next day.
  • You will get atleast 3 options for the same plant/products.
  • After you select any one of the them, normal delivery procedure follows.

Why the picture of the plant/product is verified before delivery?

This is the main case why people do not buy online plants. So, we verify the actual product before delivery. Got the point? It is especially true for online plants delivery website. TBH, we don't want customers cursing us after the delivery. So, we send actual pictures beforehand.

What if I don't like the pictures sent?

  1. First, we will send you atleast 3 different pieces of the same plant.
  2. You don't like that; we send you more. The process continues till you are satisfied.
  3. You may have to wait to for two/three days more, but quality is guranteed from us.

What if I don't like all the pictures sent?

You have two options . You can cancel the order or wait for a few days more till our stock replenishes.